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Waterproofing is one of Propamsa’s widest ranges It has flexible cementitious solutions both in favour of and against hydrostatic pressure. It also offers acrylic, bituminous or polyurethane solutions adapted to the needs of all kinds of applications such as waterproofing new build cement, swimming pool vessel, bathrooms, basements, garages, balconies, terraces, walls affected by rising damp, etc.

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Propamsa offers a wide range of versatile waterproofing solutions that adjust to the different construction needs, therefore providing professionals with products that adapt best to the demands of their job.

Therefore, we have solutions such as Propam Cal Sec, a dehumidifying mortar for façades and walls made of stone, brick, concrete and mixed blocks affected by humidity, rising damp and efflorescence, which cause degradation of the bottom part of the walls, leading to unhealthy environments in the dwellings. It is indicated for restoring and rehabilitating old buildings or for preventing dampness in new projects, something basic.

Its features include high breathability and permeability to water vapour, it is suitable for mechanical or manual spraying, can accept any kind of finish (smooth, scraped, floated, swirling, etc.), high impermeability to rain water, great resistance and adherence, all with a highly decorative finish.

Propamsa continues reducing the dampness that rises through the cement and walls in our homes, by creating a chemical barrier, Propam Cream, a water repellent product in cream format which is injected using a gun.

But there are more. We also have Propam Impe or Propam Impe Flex for waterproofing cements in old and new constructions, particularly buried elements. They prevent the natural dampness in the ground from reaching the project, by means of an impermeable barrier. Equally important is waterproofing basements, garages or lift shafts, critical areas very prone to humidity, where waterproofing is vital for protecting, in turn, the building coatings. It is also used for terraces, rooves, bathrooms, swimming pools and shower floors as waterproofing under ceramic tiles.

Equally, we have products like Propam Tapavías for sealing and stopping up water areas subject to pressure, like contention walls, tanks, pipes or tunnels. It is a very fast setting mortar which is very easy to apply. So, Propamsa offers multiple options for any kind of damp condition that needs sorting.