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For treating and maintaining joints, Propamsa offers sealants, foams, hydro-expansive profiles or elastic strips, waterproofing system auxiliaries with high attachment and elasticity properties.

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The joints are a key element in structures and buildings, and they need specific products and particular care, and the required qualities are waterproofing ability, high resistance and elasticity. Therefore, at Propamsa we have different solutions to take care of them and give them special treatment.

These include BETOFLEX M20, an elastic, adhesive putty for sealing joints, and for attaching construction elements with excellent adhesion strength on most materials, and fast polymerisation through reaction with ambient humidity. It is used for sealing joints on walls and ceilings and for sticking, sealing and attaching decorative and constructive elements, such as tiles, gutters, drains, etc.

Our joint sealing solutions also include Bentostrip, which is a hydro-expansive profile made up of 75 % natural sodium bentonite and 25 % butyl rubber, designed for sealing joints and cracks where water is present, as the waterproofing characteristics of the bentonite are a great property for expanding when in contact with water.

Another of our strong points are the elastomer or thermoplastic (TPE) high waterproofing, elasticity strips, for sealing all kinds of joints subject to movement or meeting that require security and watertight waterproofing. The Betotape range are great allies of waterproofing systems for transferring all kinds of expansions joints or movement.