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If there is anything that distinguishes Propamsa, it is its effort to create innovative technical mortars for all kinds of uses, always adapted to the needs of the sector. So, we offer a wide range of solutions for quick application, joint grouting, all kinds of attachments, refracted or demolishing mortar, etc.

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The technical mortars section is one of Propamsa’s widest ranges, which offers experts solutions for every kind of job, and therefore adapting to the circumstances that arise in their day-to-day work.

Out of these, we highlight the quick setting mortars, like Propam Fast and Propam Pronto, which can be used to fix any masonry element, as well as manhole covers, pipes or toilets in just a few hours, even minutes. They are characterised by being easy to apply and showing excellent adhesion strength.

We also have settlement and joint grouting mortars, like Propam Glas, for fixing and grouting glass blocks, or Propam Block, suitable for building up walls of coloured blocks, open brickwork and general masonry works, including grouting natural stone; this solution is available in a variety of colours, has great workability and water repellent properties.

Propam Refractario, for its part, is a mortar formulated on the basis of Electroland molten cement and selected aggregates that confer it the ability to withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees, which makes it ideal for fixing bricks on barbecues, chimneys or ovens. On the other hand, Betonamit is a demolishing mortar, for breaking concrete or stone formations without demolition, and completely safely, like emptying car parks, underwater demolition or concrete bedframe demolitions, among others.