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At Propamsa, we have a technical area that provides our clients with a whole range of tools to facilitate their work and day to day tasks. Maintaining our aim to always be near them, our technical area has everything they need when they need it.

Propamsa is dedicated to making its clients’ work easier. Numerous technical issues arise in the day-to-day workings of a construction project and Propamsa wants to cover them, and so it offers companies and appliers access to its technical area, which includes a series of calculation tools to facilitate the work.


technical consulting

At Propamsa we provide our clients with a network of experts and professionals in each of the areas that offer technical assistance before, during and after the project so as to make the most of our outside thermal insulation services, therefore guaranteeing their optimum result.

Our technical office has a team of fully trained technical experts to assess you throughout the whole project and to advise with solutions during the critical stages or unusual encounters that tend to occur during projects.

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technical office

Fernando Martínez

Segment Manager Ceramic tile fixing & Pavements

Roberto Luengo

Segment Manager Concrete repair, Structure reinforcement systems

David Rodríguez

Segment Manager Waterproofing and Technical morters

Luis Sanz

Segment Manager Façades

Miguel Angel Quintana

Technical Product Manager

Borja Salvador

Site technician

project services

Also, we offer the Follow-up Project Service (SOS), where before starting the intervention, and following the request of the Faculty Management, we compile a report on the implementation protocol, including all the steps, their timings and the thicknesses that will be used to install the system. 

This way, our co-operation service in your projects starts from the idea of the project, and continues through project start up, during its implementation and in the final delivery, to obtain a satisfactory result and high durability of the applied systems. 


bedec - itec

Objeto BIM - Confort

Objeto BIM - Confort+

Objeto BIM - Acústico

Objeto BIM - Impermeable

Objeto BIM - Aislante mineral

Objeto BIM - Acabado cerámico

Objeto BIM - Acabado liso

Objeto BIM - Anti impacto

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