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To reinforce structures, Propamsa has carbon fibre systems both in laminate and textile format, in this case for shear reinforcement in beams or surrounding columns, including specialist adhesive resins. These systems provide maximum guarantee to reinforcing concrete, brick, wood or steel structures.

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To reinforce structures, something that may be key to rehabilitating and maintaining buildings, Propamsa has two lines of carbon fibre products, laminates and a textile type.

In the case of type of laminate, the Propam Carbocomp system is based on using single direction carbon fibre laminates with high mechanical resistance to traction, which makes it ideal for reinforcing concrete, steel and wooden structures. For example, it can be used to install heavy machinery in buildings, for the deterioration or damage to structures or project implementation errors, which can also occur.

This solution also has a multi-directional version, Propam Carbocomp Plus, with the competitive advantage that it can be applied by sticking and bolting, which make it more effective and safer.

To reinforce the surround, Propamsa offers Propam Carbocomp Textil, with high mechanical strength, ten times higher than steel, for reinforcing concrete and steel structures subject to compression, shear or traction reinforcements, and it is also used for wood and brick and has the features and characteristics of carbon fibre materials. Including high mechanical strength, lightweight, versatility or capacity to adapt to the reinforcement needs in each point. Also, it is easy to transport and install.

As for fixing this type of reinforcements, which is done by sticking with resin, Propamsa offers Betopox BL, an epoxy resin based adhesive specially designed for the contact between structural reinforcements with carbon fibre laminates, i.e.: just perfect. For its part, Betopox Carbo is the ideal resin for Propam Carbocomp Textil.