PROPAMSA is a company of the Cementos Molins Group | Corporate web Site

Propamsa is involved in the Sustainability Policy of Cementos Molins, to which it belongs, and it defends the following basic principles; in economic, environmental and social terms:

  • To guarantee the Company’s competitive edge and long-term sustainable economic profitability by promoting comprehensive, responsible management of the value chain.
  • To minimise the environmental impact of all the Company’s activities, promoting production efficiency, and optimising the use of natural resources.
  • To maximise the creation of shared value with our interest groups by promoting the development and improvement of the quality of life within communities in society in general.

Sustainable Construction

Specifically focused on supporting and developing sustainable construction, Propamsa concentrates its efforts on developing products that contribute to the following:
        • Increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings
        • Increasing the useful life of the products and building solutions
        • Reducing the use of energy resources during manufacturing and on-site use of the materials
        • Increasing the safety and health of its employees, clients and society as a whole.