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Where to fix a fibreglass net

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Where the brick wall joins the slabs, columns, or lintels in door and window frames, particular points are formed in the façade, where stress from the works builds up. Consequently, they must be treated appropriately to prevent the one-coat mortar cracking.

The usual treatment is to use a fiberglass mesh or antialcaline polyester, with a light of passage of 10 mm x 10 mm, and weight 110 g / m2, as reinforcement and reinforcement of the coating at these points.

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At the corners of the holes should be placed fragments of 20 x 40 cm mesh.

The mesh must cover at least 20 cm on each side of the joints between different materials.

It should be focused on the thickness of the coating.


Apply a first coat of monolayer mortar of the range REVAT® on the stand. On smooth and non-absorbent surfaces, use the primer PROPAM® FIX.

While it is still cool, place the mesh by manually tightening it and pressing with the trowel.

A second coat of monolayer mortar is applied over the mesh, preferably when the former is still fresh.


Do not place the mesh directly on the carrier since it is prevented from doing its function.

The mesh should be centered on the thickness of the coating, be careful not to place it too close to the surface of the monolayer mortar, since during finishing the finish, when scraping, could be exposed.



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