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Waterproofing a basement, garage, wall, lift shaft….

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The appearance of humidity in basements, garages, embedded walls, lift shafts, etc., is one of the most common construction faults, which causes unsanitary conditions and deteriorates the surface coatings.

The solution is to apply PROPAM® IMPE, that is, a waterproofing coating that provides a humidity barrier.

If there are no barriers that prevent it, the humidity coming from the ground ascends by capillarity towards the upper walls.

When introduced into the renders, they form stains and generate unhealthy and harmful environments for health.

The constant presence of moisture in the renders causes degradation.

To achieve impermeability in basements, lift shafts, garages and concrete walls, PROPAM® IMPE must be used, ie a waterproofing coating mortar above and below the water table.

Use PROPAM® IMPE FLEX or FLEXITEC, waterproofing mortars with high adhesion and flexibility in the case of substrates subjected to small movements or vibrations. In the case of applying PROPAM® IMPE, proceed as follows:

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Check the condition of the substrate by checking that it is firm and strong.

Repair and level those degraded areas prior to the application of the waterproof coating.


Knead PROPAM® IMPE with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm) and 30% clean water until a smooth, lump-free grout is obtained.

Prior to application the substrate should be slightly moistened with water.

When the surface is quite irregular, it is advisable to apply a first layer with a mortar consistency with the aid of a trowel (approximately 20% water).

Apply a first layer on the surface, previously moistened, with a brush or roller in only one direction. Do not overextend the material. Leave a good coat so that the waterproofing is correct.

After 24 hours, apply a second layer crosswise to the first one.

The final finish of PROPAM® IMPE can be done by flattening with a trowel or trowelling.


  • Repair the degraded concrete substrates with the appropriate repair mortar of the PROPAM® range, prior to the application of the waterproofing mortar (PROPAM® IMPE, PROPAM® IMPE FLEX, FLEXITEC).
  • Use PROPAM® TAPAVÍAS to stop waterleaks.



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