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Systems for applying a one-coat mortar finishing stone

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Coatings using one-coat mortars with sprayed aggregate finish, are characterised by having very high superficial strength, and for being particularly suitable for erosion sensitive areas, like bottom floors or base plates in buildings.

For a highly decorative sprayed aggregate finish, that is impermeable to rain water and permeable to water vapor, and available in a wide variety of colour, use REVAT® PIEDRA.

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The substrate must be perfectly set, resistant and free from dust and grease.

Remove degraded or damaged parts.

In hot weather or very absorbent supports, it is advisable to moisten it in advance.

Placing fiberglass mesh REVAT® 110 where different supports (pillars, slabs, lintels …)

On smooth or non-absorbent concrete supports, the application of PROPAM® FIX as a bridge.

Mix with the recommended amount of water and knead manually or mechanically to obtain a workable and lump-free paste. It is important to always use the same proportion of water for kneading and let the pasta stand for about 5 minutes.

Extend the paste on the support with trowel or with a projection machine.

The thickness of the monolayer mortar will not be less than 10 mm and this will be regularized by the jaws, which act as teachers and union between work cloths.

Next, the chosen aggregate is projected with the aid of a shovel or with the trowel, before the monolayer mortar forms a surface film and limits the anchorage of the aggregate.

When the monolayer mortar begins to harden it is proceeded to iron the projected aggregate without it being covered of excess paste by the excess of thickness. In this way the aggregate, as final finish, is well adhered and without protruding.


  • The usual supports of application are: ceramic brick, termoarcilla, block of concrete, plastered of cement and concrete.
  • Do not apply with direct sunlight or strong wind.
  • Do not apply with risk of rain or frost.
  • Apply between + 5 ° C and 35 ° C temperature.
  • Do not apply to submerged areas.
  • Do not apply to surfaces with an angle of less than 10%.
  • Protect the lower parts of buildings using sockets.
  • During application, protect exposed areas from rain.



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