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Restoring and protecting a façade covered whith one-coat mortars

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The one-coat mortars applied to façades are exposed to external agents (rainfall, low temperatures, freezing temperatures, fungi, humidity, saltpeter, pollution, etc…) which have a negative effect on their aesthetic durability.

Rainfall, low temperatures, frost, produce efflorescence.

The material subjected to a continuous exposure of high environmental humidity results in the appearance of fungi.

The natural aging of the facade causes the degradation of monolayer mortars.

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Check the condition of the substrate by checking the resistance of the substrate.

Rinse with water under pressure to remove all remnants of the mortar surface (fungi, dust, paint residue, etc …)

On very absorbent and / or easily disintegrable substrates it is essential to apply a primer coat with PROPAM® DUR.


Use REVAT® FILM, mortar acrylic to recover the aesthetic qualities of the monolayer mortar and improve the protection of the facade.

In areas where the material may be exposed to very extreme conditions (frequent rains, proximity to the sea, etc …) it will be necessary to apply a layer of REVAT® PROTEC ORG as a measure of additional protection of the facade.


  • Do not apply with direct sunlight or strong wind.
  • Do not apply with risk of rain or frost.
  • Apply between + 5 ° C and 35 ° C temperature.
  • Do not apply to submerged areas.
  • Protect the lower parts of buildings using sockets.
  • During application, protect exposed areas from rain.



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