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Levelling and subsequent fixing of ceramic pavement

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To correctly install ceramic pavement in fine layers, it is essential to have a substrate in good condition with a suitably even surface.
The solution lies in using BETOLEVEL 10 or BETOLEVEL 15, quick setting, self-levelling mortars with excellent adherence and hardness which allow increasing and preparing the substrate simply, quickly and safely before fixing the ceramic tiles.

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Check the condition of the support; it must be completely set and clean of dust, paint, oils, etc.

Check any smoothness differences to choose the appropriate reflooring mortar.

Repair all the gaps and deteriorated areas with the same levelling mortar NIVELANTE 10 or BETOLEVEL® 15, or with PROPAM® REPAR 5PROPAM® REPAR 40 or PROPAM® REPAR TECHNO if the medium is concrete. Prepare the bracket with a primer prior to the application of NIVELANTE 10:

  • Porous media: PROPAM® PRIMER SOL.
  • Non-porous media: PROPAM® GRIP.

Respect of expansion and contractation joints.


Mix NIVELANTE 10 or  BETOLEVEL® 15 with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm), leave to stand for 2 minutes and mix again so that the paste is ready to be used.

Pour NIVELANTE 10 or BETOLEVEL® 15 on to the support and spread with a trowel to make levelling easier. Use a wire  brushes to deaerate the mixture and facilitate the levelling.

If applying a second layer, this must be applied as soon as the first layer can be walked on (4 hours).

Wait 24 hours to cover with ceramic.


  • Do not apply on floors with permanent humidity, or which are likely to produce humidity due to capillary action.
  • Apply at a temperature of between +5ºC and +35ºC.
  • If applying a second layer, the first one must not be allowed to dry completely, otherwise, a primer layer will be necessary using PROPAM® PRIMER SOL.
  • It is advisable to use PROPAM® DUR as a surface hardener for old mortars and concretes, before applying the product, and waiting 12 hours for it to dry.
  • Respect the mixing water and prepare the correct product mixture, without adding too much air.
  • The maximum layer thickness suitable for NIVELANTE 10 is of 10 mm and by BETOLEVEL® 15 of 15 mm.
  • In specific cases when the product has to be laid quickly, use PAM® SUPERFLEX COMPACT, an adhesive mortar with high adherence and very high deformability, for minimising the stresses that can be transmitted to the ceramic coating due to the immaturity of the support.
  • Use NIVELANTE 80 for the levelling of large thickness (up to 100 mm).
  • On supports with underfloor heating, switch off the heating 24 hours before applying the product.



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