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Levelling and creating pavement intended for a garage

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To create and subsequently level a pavement intended for a garage, the use of materials that can withstand the vehicles transiting over it is need.The solution lies in using BETOLEVEL® 15 (thickness up to 15 mm) or BETOLEVEL® 30 (thickness up to 30 mm), self-levelling mortars with a very high superficial hardness and resistance, capable of giving the pavement the mechanical
properties needed for a correct and lasting application.

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Check the condition of the support; it must be completely
set and clean of dust, paint, oils, etc.

Check any smoothness differences. In function of the required thickness,
choose the leveling mortar, BETOLEVEL® 15 for thickness between 3 to 15 mm, whereas BETOLEVEL® 30 between 8 to 30 mm.

Repair all the gaps and deteriorated areas with the same levelling mortar BETOLEVEL® 15 or BETOLEVEL® 30, or with PROPAM® REPAR 5PROPAM® REPAR TECHNO or PROPAM® REPAR 40 if the support is concrete.

Respect the dilations and contractions joints. Treat the support applying a primer layer before BETOLEVEL® 15 or BETOLEVEL® 30:

  • Porous surface: PROPAM® PRIMER SOL.
  • No porous surface: PROPAM® GRIP.


Mix BETOLEVEL® 15 or 
BETOLEVEL® 30 with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm), leave to stand for 2 minutes and mix again so that the paste is ready to be used.

Pour the mortar on to the support and spread with a trowel to make levelling easier. Use a wire  brushes to deaerate the mixture and facilitate the levelling.

If applying a second layer, this must be applied as soon as the first layer can be walked on (about 4 hours)

Wait between 8 and 12 hours before covering with ceramic tiles. Wait 72 hours before applying a paint finish.


  • Do not apply to soils with permanent humidity.
  • Apply at a temperature of between + 5ºC and + 35ºC.
  • If applying a second layer, the first one must not be allowed to dry completely, otherwise, a primer layer will be necessary using PROPAM® PRIMER SOL.
  • It is advisable to use PROPAM® DUR as a surface hardener for old mortars and concretes, before applying the product, and waiting 12 hours for it to dry.
  • Respect the mixing water and prepare the correct product mixture, without adding too much air.
  • The indicated thickness for BETOLEVEL® 15 is between 3 and 15 mm, whereas for BETOLEVEL® 30 it is between 8 and 30 mm.
  • On supports with underfloor heating, switch off the heating 24 hours before applying the product.
  • Before applying the paint finish, it is advisable to apply a primer coat with PROPAM® DUR to ensure a more uniform finish.
  • Non-porous media using the primer PROPAM® GRIP.



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