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How to renovate and old façade with limestone mortars

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Over the years, façades deteriorate and need to be renovated.Therefore it is important to know the characteristics and behaviour of the materials they contain (brick, natural stone, limestone mortars, one-coat mortars) so that the new coating is chosen appropriately.

The mortars in the REVAT® CAL, highly breathable and permeable to water vapour, provide a highly decorative coating for all kinds of façades and indoor environments, and also for restoring all kinds of buildings, including landmark and old buildings.

Continual exposure to weather conditions (rain, freezing conditions, sudden temperature changes, etc.), causes the façades to age naturally. To restore façades, appropriate coating materials must be used.

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Check the condition of the support by making sure that it is firm and strong.

In old masonry supports, empty part of the joints, and remove any deteriorated elements.

Wash with pressurised water and finish removing fungi, dust, paint remains, deteriorated parts, etc., from the support surface. Use REVAT® CAL MURO as lime masonry mortar fool the repair or reconstruction of the factory.

Apply REVAT® CAL FONDO as a layer of priming and levelling, to obtain complete flatness, before applying the finishing mortar.

Apply REVAT® CAL ENFOSCADO or REVAT® CAL TRADICIONAL with a little more finer texture, for mortars with a colour finish it is advisable to apply MALLA FIBRA DE VIDRIO REVAT 110 over all the finishing  render, particularly when there is great  variety of  materials in the support.


When mixin the mortar from de range REVAT® CAL, manually or mechanically, using the same proportion of water between mxing, and leave the paste to stand for about 5 minutes. Spread the paste over the support using a trowel or a projection machine.

The REVAT® CAL ENFOSCADO mortar can be left as a render finish (smooth, floated, swirly, Austrian-rococo-stucco, etc.).

Use REVAT® CAL TRADICIONAL to obtain highly decorative colored finishes typical of traditional lime stuccos, in addition to being able to perform on the same glazes and tinted with rust.

Spread REVAT® CAL TRADICIONAL in a compact, even manner and with a trowel, over REVAT® CAL BASE, about 5 to 10 mm thick, according to the finish. Apply the desired finish when the product has the necessary consistency, usually between 1 and 6 hours after application.


  • The usual application supports are: ceramic brick, thermoclay blocks, concrete blocks, cement or concrete rendering, concrete and masonry.
  • Do not apply to plaster, paint or non absorbent surfaces.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or strong winds.
  • Do not apply if rain or freezing temperatures are forecast.
  • Apply at a temperature of between +5ºC and +35ºC.
  • Protect the lower parts of buildings with base  plates.



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