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Grouting and cleaning porcelain stoneware tiles

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At present, the “quality finish” sign is associated with the ceramic pavements and coatings made with porcelain stoneware, where factors like suitable joint type and colour selection, as well as correct regrounting play an important role.

The low water absorption and characteristic bevelling of this type of tile, makes it difficult for the grouting material to adhere.

Head-to-tail fixing, not advisable on site, reduces the space for housing the joint, and this makes it difficult to penetrate.

To fill the joints easily, ensuring maximum adherence to the tile surface and high mechanical performance and abrasion strength, use BORADA® PORCELÁNICA.

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The grouting must be done between 24 and 48 hours after fixing the ceramic tiles.

To facilitate the grouting operation, first remoce the remains of adhesive cement from the edges of the joints.


Once the tiled surface is clean and dry, mix BORADA® PORCELÁNICA, using a mechanical mixer. The mixture appears creamy, consistent and smooth.

Apply diagonally to the joints, as this will help fill them completely. In turn, with the same accuracy, remove as much excess material as possible, as this will help subsequent cleaning.

To prevent “shading” forming subsequently around the joint, the grouting mortar has to be applied all over the tile surface.

Wait until the mortar’s surface shine disappears (approximately 15 minutes). To make it easier, rub the surface with a slightly moistened steel wool pad or sponge.

Once the joint is completely hardened, use a damp sponge to remove any surface film (veil). A clean, dry cloth is to be used for the final cleaning.


  • Do not apply in direct sunlight, when the surface is hot, or when it is raining.
  • BORADA® PORCELÁNICA can also be applied with a refillable gun.
  • During cleaning, water should not be used in abundance, avoiding the dispersion of pigments and the appearance of efflorescence.
  • For joint widths greater than 4 mm, use BORADA® UNIVERSAL or BORADA® PLUS.
  • For demanding grouting jobs, also use BORALÁSTIC with BORADA® PORCELÁNICA or BORADA® UNIVERSAL.
  • Treat the movement joints appropriately, respecting the structural joints, perimeter joints (in spaces over 7 m2) and intermediate spaces (indoors every 40 m2 and outdoors every 10 to 25 m2).
  • In applications on surfaces with a high micro pore index, apply a tile protection treatment before grouting, to prevent staining the tiles (consult the Technical Department).



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