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Grouting and cleaning joints in a swimming pool

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The aesthetical quality of a swimming pool is conditioned both by the correctly applied ceramic coating and the implementation of the arrangement joints.
The visual appearance of the section defined by the joints is going to depend on careful grouting.

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Grouting must be done with BORADA® PORCELÁNICABORADA® UNIVERSAL or BORADA® PLUS 24/48 hours after fixing the ceramic tiles.

Avoid the adhesive mortar filling in the gap reserved for the joint, because if grouted it could cause a change in the colour tone and affect the joint’s mechanical properties.

To improve aesthetics and facilitate grouting, first remove any adhesive mortar remains from the edges of the joints.


Fill in the joints using the hard rubber trowel, spreading the product diagonally and pressing the joints (it can also be applied using a refillable gun).

Wait until the mortar´s surface shine disappears, which is usually within 10 minutes (BORADA® UNIVERSAL or PLUS) or 30 minuts (BORADA® PORCELÁNICA). Clean with a slightly moistened sponge and rinse out frequently.

Once hardened, remove any remains by cleaning with a clean, dry cloth (wait at least 8 hours with BORADA UNIVERSAL or PLUS). Do not use too much water as that will disperse the pigments and cause efflorescence.

When working in the pool vessel where only the ceramic coating is grouted: if the joint is filled with BORADA® UNIVERSAL or BORADA® PLUS,the pool can be filled 24 hours after applying the joint.


  • Do not apply in full sun, hot surface or in rainy weather.
  • The grouting must be carried out after a minimum of 24 hours after the ceramic fixation.
  • If the renovation of the ceramic covering of the pool glass is complete (ceramic and cement joint), it is necessary to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks to fill the pool.
  • In case of pools with high demands can also be used BORALÁSTIC with BORADA® PORCELÁNICA or BORADA® UNIVERSAL.
  • For greater durability of the joint in swimming pools (public, thermal, sports centers …), use BORADA® EPOLUXE as a grouting material.
  • With BORADA® EPOLUXE wait a minimum of 3 days since the application, for filling the pool.
  • The consumption of the range of joints BORADA® varies according to the thickness and width of the joints, as well as the dimensions of the ceramic material.



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