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Grouting and cleaning cement joints

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Before starting to fill in the joints between the ceramic tiles, it is advisable to consider the type of surface to be used:

  • Rustic or extruded stoneware usually has a rough surface which particularly makes cleaning difficult.
  • Fired-clay or terracotta, like any other coating with a very absorbent surface, requires a prior protection treatment to prevent moisture entering the grouting mortar.
  • On the other hand, as enamel surfaces are smooth, without pores or roughness, they are easy to clean.

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Once the surface to be grouted is clean and dry, start mixing the grouting mortar BORADA® PORCELÁNICABORADA® UNIVERSAL or BORADA® PLUS using a mechanical mixer. The mixture appears creamy, consistent and smooth.

Apply the mortar diagonally to the joints, as this will help fill them completely. In turn, with the same accuracy, remove as much excess material as possible, as this will help subsequent cleaning.

Wait until the mortar’s surface shine disappears (approximately 15 minutes); by then it will have started to harden and the surface can be cleaned. To make it easier, rub the surface with a slightly moistened steel wool pad or sponge.

Once the joint is completely hardened, use a damp sponge to remove any surface film (veil) and use a wet sponge for a uniform, comfortable and definitive cleaning. During cleaning, do not use too much water as that will disperse the pigments and cause efflorescence.


  • Grouting must be done 24 hours after the ceramic tiles are fixed.
  • It is advisable to slightly wet the edges of the very porous tile joints.
  • After applying BORADA® UNIVERSAL, the pavements can be walked on after 3 hours.
  • BORADA® PORCELÁNICABORADA® UNIVERSAL and BORADA® PLUS can be applied with a refillable gun.
  • The amount of product to use depends on the thickness and width of the joints, and the size of the ceramic tile.
  • For decorative grouting antacids, bacteriostatic and use fungicides on board up to 20 mm BORADA® EPOLUXE or BORADA® EPOXI.
ProductThickness (mm)Tile Absorption
BORADA® PORCELÁNICAUp to 4Special porcelain stoneware grout.
BORADA® UNIVERSAL1-15Easy joint filling, good mechanical and abrasion strength.
BORADA® PLUS1-15Anti-mould effect, good mechanical and abrasion strength, short times for transitability.
BORADA® EPOLUXEUp to 20ecorative, antacid, bacteriostatic, fungicide seal that is very easy to clean, for joints and fixing ceramic tiles in residential and industrial pavements or renders.
BORADA® EPOXIUp to 20Antacid seal for joints and fixing ceramic tiles in industrial pavements or renders.



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