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Grouting and cleaning antiacid joints

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Surfaces exposed to contact with chemical products, aggressive cleaning products, acids and solvents, require joints between the tiles that have very special characteristics, particularly watertightness and strength.
This way they do not stain and maintain their original appearance.

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The suitable product for carrying out this type of grouting is BORADA® EPOXI, an epoxydic bicomponent based on selected silica sands, stable pigments and special additives, which hardens by chemical reaction.


The product comes in a packaging containing component A in the form of a coloured paste and component B in a closed can. Empty the full contents of component B on to the paste and mix them with a beater with blades coupled to an electric drill (500 r.p.m. advisable), to obtain an even paste.

Using a hard rubber trowel, spread the product diagonally, pressing the joints, until they are completely filled; gradually remove any excess mortar with the same trowel.

Clean any remains of BORADA® EPOXI immediately, using a damp sponge, preferably soaked in warm water. Rinse the sponge frequently, and change when it is full of resin.

Finally, remove any remaining resin fibres with a clean cloth. Depending on the type of ceramic tile, when finished it may be necessary to clean the tile with methanol.

Go over with a wet sponge to shape the final joint finish. To clean large surfaces, use a rotary machine with hard rubber blades. Resistance is obtained after 3 days, depending on ambient temperature conditions. Once hardened, it can only be removed mechanically.


  • Grouting must be done 24 hours after the ceramic tiles are fixed.
  • Not to be used for forming expansion dilation joints.
  • Avoid grouting on tiles that are damp, dirty or full of dust.
  • Special care must be taken when grouting tiles without enamel.
  • Both components must be mixed, letting the component drain completely over A.
  • No unspecified component must be added to the mixture.
  • Wait at least 4 days before etching the joints.
  • When fixing ceramic tiles, check the open time when actually fixing down the tiles.
  • For antacid, bacteriostatic and fungicide decorative joints in joints up to 20 mm use BORADA® EPOLUXE.



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