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Fixing new wall tiling on top of an old one

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Due to the constant development in aesthetics and tile sizes, together with the need to carry out quick and easy wall tile reforms, a series of adhesives have been created that allow fixing a new ceramic coating on top of an old one, without having to remove the old one first.

Traditionally when replacing wall tiles, it was necessary to first remove the existing tiles and level the support.

The characteristics of the new tiles, which are low absorbency and very smooth, mean that it is essential to use special fixing materials.

For correct fixing that guarantees adherence, it is necessary to use a very flexible and easy to apply adhesive mortar like (VAT® FLEXIBLEPAM® FLEX, or VAT® FIX).

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Check the stability of the existing wall tiles, and remove any that are loose, and level these areas of the support with the mortar.

Open the pore of the tiles on the support with a hydrochloric acid wash at 50% with water, and then wash with plenty of water.


Once the support is dry, spread VAT® FLEXIBLEPAM® FLEX or VAT® FIX using a notched trowel.

Fix the tiles, applying firm pressure, until the grooves are fully flattened.

Leave a minimum grouting joint width of 2 mm and regrout later, at least 3 days after fixing using the grouting range BORADA® by PROPAMSA.


  • Apply the adhesion primer PROPAM® GRIP.
  • User VAT® FLEXIBLE or PAM® FLEX to place ceramics with or without absortion over old tiles.
  • For applications where quick service is required, used VAT® FLEX RAPID.
  • The product VAT® FIX it is suitable for the placement of high absortion on old tiles (tile type).
  • User BORADA® EPOLUXE to perform a grouting decorative easy cleaning, bacteriostatic, fungicide and sealed antacid meetings up to 20 mm.



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