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Fixing glass wool in an enclosure chamber

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The need to obtain efficient thermal insulation and even more so since the TBC came into force a few years ago, has lead the construction industry to develop materials like glass wool, for use as thermal insulant and acoustic absorbent in enclosure walls in
residential, commercial, industrial and service buildings.

For its correct placement it is necessary to use a mortar that allows the waterproofing of the enclosure against water that can penetrate from the outside, without forming a vapor barrier.

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Check the condition of the substrate, it must be resistant and be completely set and clean of dust, paint, oils, etc …

Remove mortar remnants from joints between bricks.

The substrate must be moistened with water, especially at high temperatures.


Project the material as evenly as possible, taking care that the surface of the enclosure is completely covered with material.

When the surface is irregular, it is advisable to apply a first layer with a consistency of mortar to cover the possible holes and gaps.

When the mortar is still fresh, fix the glass wool by hand pressure.

Built the brickwork to finish the camera.


  • Apply between + 5 ° C and + 35 ° C.
  • Substrate flatness deficiencies can alter product performance.
  • PROPAM® MUROS must be applied by means of a mortar projection machine equipped with a nozzle that facilitates a larger projection radius.



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