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Fixing ceramic tiles in swimming pools

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Due to the demanding conditions of use in a swimming pool, the materials used are put to a hard test.

The seat of the swimming pool and the pressure and counterpressure of the water subject the tiles to very considerable stress.

1. Seat (left) / 2. Pressure (full pool)  / 3. Counterpressure (pool empty)
1. Seat (left) / 2. Pressure (full pool) / 3. Counterpressure (pool empty)

The products used for swimming pool maintenance and care can have an aggressive effect on the arrangement joint. To guarantee that the tiles are fixed well, both the adhesive and the grouting material must be able to withstand these chemical attacks, have high adherence and excellent behaviour in water. In some cases it may be necessary for joints that prevent the development of mould. Take into consideration that the swimming pool must, on its own, guarantee watertightness to prevent leaks, and that the ceramic coating is a complement to the waterproofing.

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Make sure that the pool is watertight by filling it beforehand, this way we can make sure that there are no water leaks.

Check the suppot, it must be hard and strong; remove any weak areas from the surface, or cement slurry, remains, dust, paint, etc.


Mix with a slow electric mixer (500 rpm) and spread VAT® EXTRA over the support using a notched trowel, using small work areas to prevent a surface film or crust from forming, which could hinder the adherence of the ceramic coating.

Fix the tiles ensuring they form a solid surface.

Do the joint filling 24 hours later with BORADA® PLUS.

The swimming pool can be filled 21 days after grouting. This time margin is needed to allow the mortars to set correctly and harden.


  • Do not apply in wet weather, or with temperatures of <5ºC or >30ºC.
  • With poor absorbency supports, open the pore with water and hydrochloric acid at 50%.
  • For fixing low absorption tiles larger than 100 cm2, use VAT® PORCELÁNICO FLEX.
  • In swimming pools with very demanding conditions, it is advisable to use BORADA® EPOLUXE.



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