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Fixing ceramic tiles on large format brick

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Large size partitioning systems are a construction solution for making partitions quickly, with a minimum number of joints and for obtaining a high level smooth finish.

Thanks to the eveness of this type of partition, tiling can be done directly.

The water absorption of large size bricks and the adhesive plaster of Paris base that is used for installation, condition the choice of a suitable adhesive mortar.

To fix the ceramics correctly, it is necessary to use adhesive mortar which guarantees optimum adherence without dropping,

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Give the surface of the large size brick a good brush or clean with a wet sponge to remove any remains of dust and dirt from the work site.

Apply PROPAM® DUR to the support, when the partition is coated excessively in remains of plaster of Paris adhesive.


Spread VAT® SUPER onto the support using a notched trowel and check that the adhesive´s open time has not finished.

Fix the parts, applying firm pressure, until the grooves are fully flattened.

Leave a minimum grouting joint width of 2 mm indoors, and 5 mm outdoors; regrout after 24 hours using the grouting range BORADA® by PROPAMSA.


  • Use the Floating and buttering technique when the tile size is over 900 cm2.
  • When there is a difference in eveness of more than 10 mm use VAT® FLEX RAPID.
  • To fix low absorption tiles use VAT® PORCELÁNICO FLEXVAT® FLEXIBLE or PAM® FLEX.
  • Use VAT® EXTRA / PAM® PLUS when the partition has abundant remains of plaster of Paris adhesive on its surface.



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