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Creating a one-coat render in warm or dry weather

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Climate conditions, particularly high temperatures and dry winds, have a decisive importance when applying one-coat mortars, since they influence the drying time and subsequent coating finish.

Too short a drying time can affect the correct development of the mechanical and/or aesthetical properties of the coating, due to product dehydration or changes in colour tone between the various work areas.

In high temperature environmental conditions, the supports exhibit very high water absorption.

The dry and hot wind favors the rapid dehydration of the monolayer mortar.

These circumstances can cause cracks of retraction and / or loss of mechanical resistance in the applied monolayer mortar.

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The substrate must be perfectly set, resistant and free from dust and grease.

Remove degraded or damaged parts.

Wet the stand with plenty of water. Wait for the water to disappear.

Apply monolayer mortar REVAT® FORMAREVAT® SUPRAREVAT® RASPADO, or REVAT® PIEDRA. In the case of working with substrates of very different absorption, it is preferable to apply a first layer of about 5 mm as a primer.

Once the product has been applied and finished, it is advisable to moisten the application with water spray, avoiding to do so in full sun.

Apply PROPAM® DUR if the monolayer mortar once applied has lost resistance, and easily disintegrates by passing the hand over its surface.

Apply REVAT® FILM if changes of tone take place since the monolayer mortar has dried differently in the different work cloths.


  • Apply the material on the support to a temperature below 35ºC, avoiding direct exposure to the sun.
  • Respect the amount of water recommended for kneading the product.
  • In hot weather, moisten the substrate before applying the monolayer mortar.
  • In hot weather or with dry wind take care of the correct curing of the monolayer mortar, spraying water on the surface of the same one day after the application.



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