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Applying one-coat mortars to smooth surfaces

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Not very absorbent and smooth substrates, for example concrete, do not facilitate mechanical anchorage due to the lack of superficial pores, and this leads to false adherences that usually end up producing cracks in the one-coat render or cause it to come loose.

The solution in these cases is to establish a bonding interphase between the substrate and the one-coat mortar via the PROPAM® FIX primer.

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Repair degraded concrete with PROPAM® REPAR TECHNOPROPAM® REPAR 40 o PROPAM® REPAR 5, depending on the thickness required.

Prior to the application of the mortaromoncoat, the support must be perfectly set, resistant, and cleaned of dust, grease, and debris.

When the support is smooth concrete, it is convenient to wash the surface of the support with acidulated water to open the porosity and then rinse with plenty of clean water.


On the support prepared in the previous way, proceed as follows: First dilute in the proportion of 1 part of water to 2 of PROPAM® FIX, and mix with the aid of a slow mechanical beater. Then apply with roller or brush. During application, stir the mixture from time to time so that the product does not settle.

Apply the monolayer mortar REVAT®, once the primer has dried PROPAM® FIX, and within 3 days of its application.


  • It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
  • Do not apply with risk of rain or frost.
  • Use within the range of application temperatures of monolayer mortars.



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