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Anchoring metallic elements in concrete

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To anchor prefabricates, heavy machinery and other metallic objects in concrete substrates, it is necessary to use mortars with very specific technical characteristics.

The solution lies in using PROPAM® GROUT, that is, a mortar with high mechanical performance, compensated shrinkage, fluid consistency and great adherence so that it can adapt perfectly to the irregularities of the container in which the metallic element will be housed, ensuring its stability.

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The substrate must be firm, rough and free of oils, paints, demoulding agents, dust, etc.

Moisten the substrate with water until saturation, prior to the application of PROPAM® GROUT.

In drill fillings remove dust and dirt debris as well as water soaked from the holes by blowing air under pressure.


Mix PROPAM® GROUT according to the instructions given in the technical data sheet. Use a low speed drill or a traditional concrete mixer, let stand 5 minutes and re-mix to obtain a paste ready for use.

Fill in the hole provided. Avoid long distances between the place of mixing and the place of work in order to avoid possible decantation.

Once poured, PROPAM® GROUT must be protected from the sun, wind, etc. It is advisable to cover it with wet cloths or polyethylene sheets for 2 or 3 days. The curing operation is essential in all cases.


  • Applicable thickness from 5 to 50 mm.
  • For filling, it is convenient to pour the material using a rod.
  • In fillings under plates, a conduit must be provided for the air, facilitating the exit of this during the filling with PROPAM® GROUT.
  • In filling deep drillings the air outlet must be secured by placing a plastic tube that will be slowly extracted.
  • In case of use of mortar with plastic consistency it will be necessary to help compaction with a slight vibration.
  • In the case of fillings with thicknesses greater than the maximum indicated, the formwork must be maintained for at least 3 days.



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