Flexible and highly deformable adhesive, with fibres in a gel consistency and dust-free, for fixing all kinds of ceramic parts on façades and over underfloor heating.

Flexible and deformable, dust-free cementitious adhesive in gel consistency, with fibres and with a high resin content, which has a prolonged open time and is slip-resistant, applicable in fluid or in thixotropic consistency, for fixing all kinds of floor tiles, even large size and ceramic plates and absorbent and non-absorbent ones, on indoor and outdoor walls and floors.

Fields of application
For fixing ceramic tiles, stoneware, marble, with or without absorption capacity, indoors and outdoors, even large size, on cement mortar supports, concrete or plasterboard plates. Façade render. Pavements with intense transit. Application by superimposing over old renders and ceramic pavements. For fixing pavements on underfloor heating facilities or cooling systems. For fixing ceramic plates with or without fibres, with sides over 70 cm on indoor walls and outdoor pavements. Fixing of floor tiles in damp areas and swimming pools. For fixing on deformable supports as flexible waterproofing elements.
High adherence strength with any floor tile type or size, even very low absorption ones, large tiles and ceramic plates. Excellent workability. Thanks to its deformability it can withstand heat shocks and small differential movements caused by the support. Slip-resistant, which means it can be applied comfortably in a vertical arrangement, but can also be mixed in fluid consistency for application on large-size pavements and parts. Prolonged open time. Dust-free. High whiteness and gel consistency, very creamy and lightweight. It contains fibres which contribute to its excellent deformability


The approximate amount of PAM® ECOGEL SUPERFLEX used depends on the floating technique: Floating method: approx. 3 kg/m2. Floating and buttering: approx. 5 kg/m2. These amounts to be used are approximate and may vary according to the state of the support, the type of part and the trowel used.


Bags 25 Kg.



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