Multi-filament, polypropylene fibres for strengthening concretes and mortars.

FIBRADUR are cut, multi-filamented, alkali-resistant, polypropylene fibres, designed to be added to concretes and mortars to reduce the appearance of fissures due to shrinkage, improving the quality and durability of the structure. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 14889-2

Fields of application
It is used as an admixture for: Industrial pavements. Concrete slabs, and floors. Prefabricated elements. Sprayable mortars and concretes. Highways. Concretes and mortars with high impact strength. Façade renderings.
It reduces fissures due to shrinkage. It is easily dispersed in the mass forming a totally uniform 3D mesh. FIBRADUR is added to the concrete to improve flexural traction, tensile and impact strength, particularly on the surface. It improves the impermeability and durability of the concrete. It improves the abrasion strength. Good chemical strength. Resistant to alkaline and UV rays. Prevents disintegration.


The usual dosage is: A self-destructible bag of 600 g of 12 mm fibres per m3 of concrete. A self-destructible bag of 140 g of 6 mm fibres for every 50 kg of mortar.


Boxes with 30 self-destructible bags of 600 g of 12 mm long fibres. Boxes with 70 self-destructible bags of 140 g of 6 mm long fibres.


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