Single component primer for polyurethanes on low absorption substrates.

PROPAM® PUR PRIMER is a solvent-based, low viscosity, transparent single component polyurethane primer which, once applied, makes it possible to create bridges with very high adherence between the substrate and the subsequent treatment, producing a chemical anchoring between both elements.

Fields of application
Primer for polyurethane and polyurea coatings from the PROPAM® PUR range on low porosity substrates such as non-vitrified ceramic tiles, brick, terrazzo, marble, granite, highly polished concrete, metal sheets, aluminium, etc.
Very easy to apply, is supplied ready for use. Quick curing even at low temperatures. Excellent adherence on nearly all kinds of surfaces. Temperature strength between -40 ºC and +80 ºC. High abrasion, tensile and breakage strength. It can be used as a sealing layer.


The approximate coverage is 150-200 g/m2 applied in a single coat, depending on the application system used and the conditions and absorbency of the substrate. However, it is advisable to carry out an on-site test.


metallic packages 5Kg and 20 Kg.



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