Curing accelerator admixture for the PROPAM® PUR system.

PROPAM® PUR FAST is an admixture that gives the polyurethanes in the PROPAM® PUR system, an extremely short curing and drying time without losing mechanical or chemical properties, and also improving the final finish of the membrane and noticeably reducing the possibility of bubbles forming.

Fields of application
Applications in low temperature conditions. Applications in conditions of low ambient humidity. Applications with risk of alteration due to rain. It allows several layers to be applied in the same day. Implementing small surfaces in one single working day. It allows the PROPAM® PUR membrane to be applied in a thick layer.
Quick jobsite application. Reduced execution times. It improves the surface finish of the membrane. Reducing the risk of bubbles forming. Increase the thixotropy of PROPAM® PUR.


The optimum recommended consumption of PROPAM® PUR FAST is 1 Kg per 25 kg pack of PROPAM® PUR. 1 Kg


packages. 1Kg.



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