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LEAKINJECT is a low viscosity semi-rigid polyurethane resin for injection, which reacts when in contact with water, forming an impermeable and stable seal.


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Fields of application

Blocking water leaks with high pressure and flow rate. Injection sealing of cracks and fissures in: dams, tanks, tunnels, collectors, garages, etc. Waterproofing joints between screens, buried structures, tunnels, underground station, roads, car parks, etc. Waterproofing wells, galleries, through elements and back wall stoppers. Filling in large hollows and cracks in rocks and concrete structures.


LEAKINJECT forms a high strength seal inside cracks and joints. LEAKINJECT is a fast reaction, semi-rigid polyurethane foam, for use in sealing leaks with high pressure and/or flow rate water. No shrinkage after hardening, guaranteeing dimensional stability. After its reaction with water and subsequent hardening, it does not shrink or swell in the presence of water, guaranteeing its dimensional stability over time. Controlled reaction speed according to the amount of catalyst used. The resulting foam is chemically resistant to water, weak acids and bases, mineral oils, fungi, bacteria, underground waters, sea water and petrol derivatives. Easy injection. Suitable for use with equipment designed for injecting single component systems. Low viscosity, even during the injection process, which is maintained constant until the reaction with the water starts, which ensures good penetration Free expansion: minimum 1700% - 2200%


The consumption will vary depending on the use and application. It is advisable to carry out an on-site test to determine the approximate amount to be used and the proportion of catalyst to use.



Pre-metered units: LEAKINJECT resin: drum 25 kg Catalyst LEAKINJECT CAT: jerrycan 2,3 kg.


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