Drainage sheet with high density polyethylene nodules with geotextile incorporated, for protecting foundations, walls and floor slabs.

DRAIN TEC PLUS is a sheet of high density polyethylene tapered nodules (PEAD) with high strength and drainage capacity joined by thermofusion to a calendered polypropylene non-woven geotextile, designed to protect structures such as buried walls, foundations and floor slabs.

Fields of application
• Protecting the waterproofing of buried walls both in buildings and in public works. • Protection of the waterproofing in underground works in general: slurry walls, treatment through the outer rear of the wall, tunnels, service galleries, under floor slabs, etc. • Draining and protecting floor slabs on the ground, when there is not hydrostatic pressure or the floor slab is above the phreatic level. • Foundations protected with bituminous paints. • Formwork lost in concreting against the ground. • Renovating basements and underground constructions affected by humidity (cavity walls). • Separating and protective sheet for green roofs.
• High tensile and compression strength. • Rot-proof and unchangeable against the action of the chemical agents in the ground (sulphates, chlorides, etc.). • The geotextile fused to the nodules, absorbs and filters the water from the ground, preventing the clogging of the draining system. • It protects the waterproofing sheet from possible punches and damages caused by the fill-in earth. • Great durability, preserving its initial properties all the time. • It allows draining the accumulated water, limiting the hydrostatic pressure and reducing the direct contact time between the humidity and the wall.



Rolls of 2,1 x 15 m (31,5 m2).


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