Non-woven polyester geotextile for reinforcing liquid waterproofing polymeric membranes.

BETOFIBER POLIESTER is a solvent-resistant polyester fibre geotextile, for reinforcing singular points and problem areas when applying polymeric waterproofing membranes

Fields of application
Reinforcing polymeric waterproofing membranes. Reinforcing singular points such as angles, sharp edges and rounded edges. Reinforcing cracks, concrete joints and active fissures before waterproofing with liquid membranes. Reinforcing all the joins and meetings between different materials and with different expansion coefficients.
Solvent-resistant. Excellent structure adapting capacity. It provides greater mechanical strength to liquid waterproofing membranes. It facilitates the capacity of the impermeable membranes to absorb substrate movements. It facilitates the optimum thickness distribution. Additional protection or reinforcement with a minimum loss of mechanical strength. It does not contain Volatile Organic Components (VOC).



Roll of 1,05 m x 100 m (105 m2).


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