Fibreglass mesh for reinforcing liquid waterproofing membranes.

BETOFIBER GLASS is an alkali-resistant, fibreglass mesh for reinforcing waterproofing in roofs and terraces, which prevents fissures and cracks from appearing.

Fields of application
Reinforcing acrylic waterproofing membranes for roofs and terraces. Reinforcing cement waterproofing mortars in tanks, tunnels, retaining walls, water channels, silos, swimming pools, etc. Reinforcing cracks, concrete joints and active fissures before waterproofing with liquid membranes.
Alkali-resistant. Low grammage. Great mesh stability. It does not contain Volatile Organic Components (VOC). Excellent capacity for adapting to the substrate. It provides greater mechanical strength to liquid waterproofing membranes. It facilitates the capacity of the impermeable membranes to absorb substrate movement



Roll of 50 x 1 m (50 m2)


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