Cementos Molins


Single-component mortar formulated with special cements, admixtures and selected aggregates, which forms an impermeable coating that penetrates the concrete or mortar crystallising inside its capillary net. Designed to be applied to concrete and mortar substrates under both direct pressure and counterpressure.


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Fields of application

Waterproofing buried structures like basements, galleries, garages, subject to direct pressure or counterpressure. Waterproofing and protecting any kind of tank intended to contain water. Waterproofing tunnels, retaining walls, canals, silos, refrigeration towers, etc. Waterproofing the outside of retaining walls against aggressive waters. Protecting concrete structures from the effects of salt and freezing-thawing cycles.


It provides a completely waterproof coating and its components react in the presence of humidity and the free limestone of the concrete forming insoluble crystals within the capillary system. Permeable to water vapour. Applicable on wet substrates. It withstands high pressure, both direct pressure and counterpressure. High adhesion strength, bonding interphase not necessary. Great strength against the effects of salt water, freezing-thawing cycles and atmospheric agents. It does not contain chlorides, organic matter or metallic aggregates, and so together with its high pH, it ensures protection against the corrosion of metal elements, anchorings, etc. Great durability. Maintenance-free.


PROPAM® CRISTAL is generally applied in two layers with an approximate amount of between 1 and 1.5 kg/m2 per layer. The consumption can vary depending on the porosity of the substrate. It is advisable to carry out an on-site test to adjust the amount to be used.



bags. 20 Kg.


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