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BETOPOX® BREA is a solvent-free, two-component impermeable coating, based on epoxy resins modified with special tars. Once the mixture has been catalysed, it forms an impermeable, hard, resilient, flexible film with high chemical aggression and abrasion resistances


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Fields of application

Waterproofing bridge decks. Waterproofing concrete construction elements in contact with the ground such as retaining walls, foundations, water ducts, pipes, pits, etc. Coating for steel and concrete tanks and ducts in general. As protection against chemical aggressions in water purifying plants, decanters, digesters anaerobic, storage tanks, wastewater pipes, etc.


Good abrasion resistance. Good adherence to concrete, metal, fibre cement, ceramic tile substrates, etc. Good chemical strength against bases and diluted acids, mineral oils, grease and detergents. Resistant to atmospheric agents, sea water and fecal water. High impermeability. Flexible and with elastic properties. Solvent-free. Easy and quick to apply. High film thickness in one layer. Long application time.


The amount used depends on the application system, the purpose and the condition and temperature of the substrate. On average, the amount used varies between 650 - 1000 g/m2. For metallic surfaces it is advisable to have a thickness of 60-80 microns, with a coating of approximately per layer. 125 a 150 g/m2 For concrete and mortar surfaces 300-500 g/m2 per layer, with 2 or 3 layers being recommended in some cases. When an abrasion resistant coating is required by sprinkling with silica, the amounts increase to 400-500 g/m2 per layer, sprinkling 300-500 g/m2 of silica over the intermediate layer and 1000-1500 g/m2 over the final coating layer.



Pre-metered 30 kg.


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