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is a ready-to-use, single component liquid waterproofing agent, based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion, which forms an elastic and flexible impermeable membrane in applications under ceramic tile coatings. It complies with the requirements of class DM O1P of standard EN 14891.


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Fields of application

Waterproofing the inside and outside before coating with ceramic tile, stone or glass mosaic coating. Treating and waterproofing walls and floors in showers, bathrooms and cloakrooms. Waterproofing patios and balconies. Protection and waterproofing in areas with a damp environment (saunas, changing rooms,…) or where changes of temperature occur.


Impermeable to water and permeable to water vapour. It forms a continuous membrane without joints or overlaps, completely adhered to the substrate. Applicable horizontally and vertically, indoors and outdoors. High adherence to a large number of substrates such as old ceramic tiles, concrete, concrete prefabricates, screeds based both on cement and special conglomerates, self-levelling mortars and cement renders. It does not need mesh, its high elasticity withstands the small expansion and contraction movements of the substrate Very quick and easy to apply. Environmentally friendly: water based and solvent-free. It is non-toxic and nonflammable. The ceramic tile surfacing fixed with VAT® FLEX RÁPID on PROPAM® IMPELÁSTIC can be walked on approximately 10 hours after application. The rest of the tile adhesives in the PROPAMSA range can be walked on approximately 24 hours after application.


The consumption of PROPAM® IMPELASTIC is 1,3 kg/m2/mm A minimum of two 0.5 kg/m2 layers are needed for a final thickness of 0.8 mm.



Packages: 5Kg and 15 Kg.


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