Cementos Molins


Elastic adhesive putty of polymer sealant of new technology based on polymers modified with high quality silanes and single component, indicated for sealing and gluing of most substrates used in the construction industry, civil-residential works, shipyards, automotive, etc. It remains elastic after healing. Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. Good adhesion on wet surfaces sticks even under water. Paintable once dry. Isocyanate-free product. Excellent resistance to weathering and ultraviolet radiation. Complies with the requirements of EN 15651-1 type F EXT-INT CC and EN 15651-4 Type PW CC


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Fields of application

Sealing joints in walls and roofs. Sealing vertical and horizontal expansion joints. Sealing of joints in industrial pavements, car parks and pedestrian areas. Sticking, fixing and sealing decorative and construction elements such as tiles, gutters, drains, baseboards, wall tiles, etc. Sealing of precast concrete elements. Sealing in nautical, air conditioning, sanitary, carpentry, sanitation, etc. Sealing of joints between carpentry and walls Sealing metal covers Applicable indoors and outdoors.


Seal/adhesive with high permanent elasticity. Easy application even on wet surfaces. Adheres without primer on the most common materials in construction and industry. Neutral. It does not corrode metals or attack alkaline substrates (concrete, brick, marble, etc.) Does not stain the flanks of the joint Polymerizes rapidly at room temperature by reaction with ambient humidity Resistant to U.V. rays, weathering and any type of water, even saline It can be painted once dry. Very good chemical resistance against soapy water, saline water, alkalis and dilute inorganic acids. Once polymerized, it resists temperatures between -40ºC and +90ºC




Soft-cartridges 600 ml


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