Low modulus, single component multi-purpose adhesive and elastic polyurethane seal.

Elastic, adhesive one-component polyurethane putty with a low modulus for sealing joints and sticking and attaching construction elements with excellent adhesion strength on most materials, and fast polymerisation through reaction with ambient humidity. It complies with the requirements of standards EN 15651-1 and EN 15651-4.

Fields of application
Sealing joints in walls and roofs. Sealing vertical and horizontal expansion joints. Sealing joints in pavements and floors. Sticking, fixing and sealing decorative and construction elements such as tiles, gutters, drains, baseboards, wall tiles, etc. Sealing prefabricated concrete elements. Filling in cracks and crevices. Applicable indoors and outdoors.
Seal/adhesive with high permanent elasticity. It does not need priming in base cement materials, unless they are very porous. High adherence with fast polymerisation. It can be used on vertical facings without droops. It is resistant to the different types of water, atmospheric agents and ageing. Good ageing strength. Easy to apply. It can be painted once dry. Excellent adhesion strength on aluminium without the need for primer.



soft-cartridges 600 ml



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