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hydro-expansive profile made up of 75 % natural sodium bentonite and 25 % butyl rubber, designed for sealing joints and cracks where water is present. The impermeability characteristics of the bentonite come from its property of expanding when in contact with water, which together with the ductility of the rubber give these joints a great sealing capacity.


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Fields of application

Sealing vertical and horizontal concreting joints. Sealing construction joints in prefabricated concrete elements. Sealing the joints between slurry walls and foundation slabs. Sealing joints for keystones in tunnels. Sealing all kinds of pipes or through elements in the concrete. Joining element between pipes. Repairing joints, cracks or fissures in the concret


It expands more than 350 % in contact with water, filling and adapting to the joint, pressing on the concrete and ensuring a perfect seal. Very flexible and adaptable, it can be folded at an angle of up to 180 º (between -15 ºC and +50 ºC). Great capacity for plugging any possible new joint movement that may appear due to concrete shrinkage or structure settlement. It has a delaying surface treatment that means it can be used on fresh concrete. Completely stable, it does not dissolve in water. It withstands variations in humidity and dry-wet cycles. It remains flexible and weather resistant to temperatures up to -15 ºC. Appropriate for contact with drinking water. Very easy to fix, without welding or joining elements. It is non-toxic and does not irritate the skin.






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