High performance elastic sealing system for joints.

BETOTAPE FLEX is a high performance sealing system for expansion, construction and connection joints, cracks or fissures, made of a high elasticity, impermeable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) strip, with two thermo-welded geotextile side strips. Once the substrate is fixed it allows large-scale movement in more than one direction, both indoors and outdoors. The system is fixed by using the BETOPOX® 920 P epoxy adhesive or with a cement mortar with high adherence such as FLEXITEC, when there is humidity in the joints.

Fields of application
Waterproofing expansion joints in walls, conduits, roofs and terraces, water tanks, purifying plants, swimming pools, tunnels, basements and galleries. Repairing large size joints subject to large movements. Sealing joints between rigid and flexible materials. Sealing irregular cracks and fissures in concrete structures. Repairing expansion joints made with putty.
Great elasticity. Completely water impermeable. Suitable for application in permanent immersion. Applicable on dry and wet substrates. Good chemical strength against salts, acids and diluted bases. Good resistance to UV rays. Good strength and elasticity even at low temperatures. Its polypropylene geotextile is alkali-resistant and guarantees its compatibility with the cement products. Easy to place.


The approximate amount of adhesive when using BETOPOX® 920 P is to be 0.7 to 1 kg per metre of joint. Using 0.8 to 1.2 kg of FLEXITEC per metre of the joint. The consumption can vary depending on the conditions and irregularities of the substrate. It is advisable to carry out an on-site test to determine the exact amount to be used.


30 m wide rolls: 140 and 170 mm. Other widths available on request.



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