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BETOFILM H is a curing agent that is ready for use, based on an aqueous dispersion of synthetic polymers, which is applied as a fine film to the surface of the fresh concrete or mortar, which avoids water evaporating prematurely from the surface, providing correct hydration and curing


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Fields of application

Curing large concrete and mortar surfaces in: Motorways, highways and bridges. Pavements, structural concrete. Dams and canals. Exposed and architectural concretes. Prefabricated elements. Rehabilitation works with special mortars. Suitable for using on concretes and mortars for which a subsequent treatment is envisaged such as paint, renderings, tiling, flooring, etc.


It forms a transparent film that limits the hydration water evaporating from the cement. It protects against atmospheric agents such as the sun and wind. It does ot alter the concrete’s final surface appearance, and it disappears with the action of atmospheric agents It allows maintaining the A/C ratio and guaranteeing the expected mechanical characteristics and improving the resistance to freezing temperatures. It improves the abrasion strength and reduces dust formation on the surface. When the evaporation reduces, so do the internal tensions and the risk of fissures appearing. It does not modify the curing times.


The consumption of BETOFILM H is approximately 150 – 200 g/m2 Between 5 and 6 m2 of treated surface per product litre.These dosages are a guideline and must be adjusted in each case with representative tests.



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