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BETONAMIT is a non-explosive destruction mortar for carrying out detonation-free demolitions in full safety. Its huge expansion power makes it the definitive alternative to conventional explosives or mechanical means.


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Fields of application

Emptying for car-parks. Large-scale dismantling of public works and buildings. Emptying between boundary buildings. Works next to dwellings and electricity lines. Underwater demolition. Demolition of concrete bed frames. Breakage of reinforced concrete structures in columns, beams, walls, etc. Breakage of architectural elements that cannot be subjected to vibrations. Removal of large rock boulders in foundations and basements. One-off demolitions in inside areas and areas that are difficult to access. Safe demolition works in all kinds of industry.


High expansion power above 7000 MT/m2. Applicable both outside and in closed and low accessibility areas. It guarantees safe, exact, noiseless and vibration-free breakage, without gases, sparks or polluting elements. Much faster and cheaper demolitions than those carried out with heavy machinery, and large-scale hydraulic breakers. It does not damage ecosystems, providing an irreplaceable resource in underwater demolitions. It does not require licenses or experience and can therefore be used by the site personnel. Especially indicated in areas where there is a risk of explosive or flammable products. Very easy to use, in both large and small projects. It is non-toxic and nonflammable. Environmentally friendly.




20 kg packages


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