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PROPAM® REPAR 20R is a fast-setting, single-component, non-shrinkage thixotropic repair mortar, specially formulated based on high-strength cements and special additives that give it excellent properties, for the execution of small anchors and non-structural concrete repairs. It compiles the requirements of class R2 of the EN 1504-3 standard.


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Fields of application

Restoring the concrete to its originally specified shape and function by means of mortar applied manually (Principle 3 acc. to EN 1504-9). Restoring the passivation by increasing the coating with cement mortar and replacing the contaminated or carbonated concrete (Principle 7 acc. to EN 1504-9) Quick repair of concrete elements and execution of edges Punctual repair by patching the concrete suitable for vertical jobs where fast setting is required Execution of half-reeds Indicated for any kind of quick attachment, to vertical and horizontal surfaces, Indicated for attaching pawls, pipes, sanitary units and hinges, laying boxes and raceways for electrical installations, sealing conduits in cement, drains, cisterns, detaining small water filtrations in embedded structures, basements and lift shafts, laying sewer covers, etc.


Fast hardening and setting without cracking. Thixotropic Applicable in thicknesses 1 to 5 mm in cosmetic leveling of surfaces, and 30 mm in patching repairs Excellent adherence without bonding interphase. Its accurate granulometry provides a cosmetic finish similar to that of the original concrete. Manual application Very easy to work consistency Good mechanical resistance at an early age Does not contain chlorides. Resistant to water and freezing conditions. Paintable It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


1,8 Kg/m2 and cm thickness



Bags 25 Kg.


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