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CORTEC MCI 2021 is a surface sealer that uses a mixture of reactive silicates, surface activating agents and migratory corrosion inhibitors to protect reinforced concrete from corrosion. It penetrates the concrete migrating through the pores in the structure, forming a protective film around the rebar. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 1504-2. It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.


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Fields of application

Protection against corrosion due to carbonation, gritting salts or atmospheric attacks on: - Structures of reinforced, prefabricated, prestressed, post-tensed or marine concrete. - Bridges, motorways, streets of steel reinforced concrete exposed to corrosive environments. - Car park platforms, ramps and garages. - Breakwaters, piles, columns, pipes and public service posts, of concrete. Restoring and repairing all concrete structures, and all kinds of buildings and foundations. It protects floors subject to chemical and/or acid attacks. Marine structures.


It protects against the detrimental effects of corrosion even on the densest concrete. The migratory inhibitor stops corrosion in the rusted areas. It delays the start of the corrosion process, while reducing its speed, by increasing the useful life of rebars. Easily applicable by spray, roller, brush, etc., reducing the cost of equipment and workforce. It is not toxic as it does not contain calcium nitrate, phosphates or solvents. Organic, safe and not harmful to the environment. It blocks the attach from carbonation and chlorides. Water-based and non-inflammable for easy handling. It does not prevent the vapour diffusing through the concrete. It moves to adjacent areas to protect the metals. It increases the durability of the reinforced concrete and increases its abrasion strength. It protects against acid and chemical attacks. It penetrates deeply into the concrete to protect the anode and cathode.


The amounts depend largely on the porosity of the substrate and the number of necessary applications. The normal consumption is 0.27 litres/m2, applied in one, two or three layers. However, with some concretes it is possible to reach larger amounts depending on their absorption capacity.



25 litre container.


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