Thixotropic adhesive in epoxy resin base.

BETOPOX® 920 P is a two-component structural adhesive based on solvent-free epoxy resins and selected fillers. It is thixotropic and specially designed for sticking construction materials. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 1504-4. It has CE Marking 2+, for uses in building and civil engineering works of all kinds.

Fields of application
Old-new concrete join. Sticking base plates in structure reinforcements. Structural adhesive for stone, brick, wood, fibre cement, steel, etc. Adhesive for prefabricated concrete or ceramic tiles, kerbstones, blocks, columns, beams, panels, etc. Horizontal truss-out scaffold anchoring. Repairing sharp edges, honeycomb, flaking, etc. Sticking BETOTAPE type elastic strips. Repairing lips on joints and fissures. Structural repair of all kinds of elements such as: columns, beams, joists, wrought iron edges, slabs, etc.
Excellent adherence to virtually all construction materials: concrete, mortar, steel, metal, wood, etc. High mechanical properties. Very good resistance to chemical attacks by acids, bases, salts, demineralised and waste waters, oils and fuel. High thixotropy, it allows working on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It does not need a primer. High mechanical and abrasion resistance. Since it does not contain solvents, it catalyses without losing volume.


The consumption of BETOPOX® 920 P is approximately 1,8 Kg/m2 mm


Pre-metered units 2 Kg y 5 Kg



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