Self-levelling quick hardening mortar for industrial floors.

BETOLEVEL® 15 is a self-leveling, quick hardening, single-component cementitious mortar modified with polymers, for regulating, repairing and levelling industrial floors in thicknesses between 3 and 15 mm. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 13813.

Fields of application
Regulating and levelling industrial concrete and mortar floors both indoors and outdoors. Levelling of small and large surfaces both on new sites and renovated sites Refurbishing floors in car parks, without the need for additional coating. Levelling of industrial floors. Regularization layer prior to application of flooring finishing resin systems. Flooring levelling mortar for fixing ceramic tiles, marble, carpet, platform, PVC, cork, plastic floors, paint, etc.
High levelling capacity Easy commissioning work by pouring or pumping High mechanical resistance and good surface finish. Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Excellent adherence and compactness Quick hardening and drying without cracks Can be walked on after 3-4 hours (at 20 ºC, 50 % RH). Suitable for outdoors. Suitable for levelling surfaces with thicknesses between 3 and 15 mm


1,6 Kg / m2mm . "This amount is theoretical and depends on the condition and roughness of the substrate, and so it must be adjusted directly on site."


Bags 25 Kg



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