Acrylic primer and sealer for porous substrates.

PROPAM® PRIMER SOL is a single-component primer based on acrylic polymer aqueous dispersion, that regulates the porosity of absorbent substrates and helps self-levelling and screed cementitious mortars application.

Fields of application
Primer and sealing of porous substrates for applying self-levelling cementitious mortars. Primer for fixing self-levelling cementitious mortars on anhydrite substrates. Primer for fixing tiles and decorative mortars on plaster walls
It effectively seals the porous mortar and concrete surfaces, ensuring uniform surface absorption and avoiding water loss from inside the substrate. It improves the adhesion strength of mortars particularly on absorbent substrates. It reduces the formation of craters in the self-levelling floor applications. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Ready to use, it does not require diluting with water.


The consumption of PROPAM® PRIMER SOL is 100-200 g/m2 according to the porosity and condition of the substrate.


Jerrycan 5 Kg and 25 Kg.



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