Transparent, matt, two-component polyurethane coating with great strength and weather stability.

BETOPOL M is a solvent-based two-component aliphatic polyurethane-based coating, with high abrasion strength, designed specially for laying finishing layers on industrial or commercial floors both outdoors and indoors, where high mechanical strength and a satin surface finish are required. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 13813.

Fields of application
Concrete pavement coating for indoors and outdoors. As a matt finishing layer on epoxy systems for pavements in offices, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial bays, etc. As an epoxy and polyurethane resin sealing and anti-scratching layer for indoors and outdoors. Protective coating for concrete structures subject to aggressive agents. Sealing layer for concrete facing as anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti protection for the concret
Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Resistant to UV rays. It does not turn yellowish. It provides a hard film that is resistant to treading. Very good adherence to concrete. Totally compatible with epoxy-cement, epoxy or polyurethane systems. Resistant to water, sea water, diluted acids, alkalis, mineral oils and hydrocarbons. Applicable to horizontal and vertical substrates. Easy application, matt, uniform finish.


The approximate coverage on synthetic substrates is 100 - 150 g/m 2 per layer. On concrete or mortar substrates the amount is approximately 200 - 250 g/m2 per layer. However, the amount used in the end will depend largely on the required finish, the site conditioning factors and state of the substrate.


Pre-metered 10,5 kg.


Transparente Mate

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