Cement-epoxy-based micro-mortar for repairing and levelling surfaces.

BETOPOX® CEMENT TIXO is a three-component mortar based on cement and water-based epoxy resins, with a very fine texture for regulating, levelling and finishing horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Fields of application
High performance surface regulating layer for subsequent epoxy or polyurethane coatings in deposits, warehouses, food industry, etc. Regulating and repairing substrates with humidity before applying their finish with BETOPOX® CEMENT. Regulating and repairing vertical, visible concrete surfaces with small irregularities, honeycombs, craters, half shafts, etc. As an impermeable plastering layer with high mechanical and chemical strength. As a temporary humidity barrier on vertical surfaces that must be coated with resins in buried, underground deposits, etc.
Very good initial and final mechanical strengths. High concrete protection in aggressive atmospheres. Good chemical strength. Very good adherence to wet or dry concrete. Thixotropic, it provides an excellent, very fine and smooth finish. It can be quickly coated with epoxy resins and polyurethane. Solvent-free. Suitable as a base layer for indoors and outdoors.


The approximate coverage is 1.9 kg/m2 and mm thick. However, the final amount used will depend on the condition of the substrate, its porosity, levelling and the site conditions.


Pre-metered 25 Kg.



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