High chemical resistance epoxy coating for floors.

BETOPOX® 92 AR is a solvent-free, two-component, pigmented epoxy resin with high mechanical and chemical resistance, designed for use as a coating on industrial concrete or mortar floors. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 13813.

Fields of application
Floors in basements, garages and car parks. Protecting floors in industrial premises, workshops, bays, warehouses, electrical substations, etc. subject to high loads. Floors in areas needing high and aggressive disinfecting and cleaning requirements. High protection coating in tanks, deposits, waste water collection tanks, areas exposed to dumping or chemical spills, etc. Protective coating for concrete structures subject to aggressive agents. Anti-slip sealing layer in industrial and decorative pavements.
Excellent adherence to concrete, mortar, etc. High mechanical, abrasion and impact strength. High chemical resistance, to bases and diluted acids, fuels, oils, detergents, bleach and waste water. Decorative. Gloss finish. Impermeable to water, grease and fuel. Easy to apply, maintain, clean and disinfect. Solvent-free, 100 % solids.


The approximate amount of BETOPOX® 92 AR to use, is 350-450 g/m2, according to the number of layers and the type of application. However, the final amount used will depend on the condition of the substrate, its porosity, levelling and the site conditions.


Pre-metered 15 kg.


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