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BETOPOX® 896 is a solvent-free, two-component transparent epoxy resin with low viscosity, designed as a binder for preparing dry mortars, multi-layer coatings, primers or sealing layers in industrial flooring. It complies with the requirements of standard EN 13813.


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Fields of application

Binder for preparing epoxy dry mortar when implementing floor base layers subject to high loads, in warehouses, loading and unloading areas, chemical industries, etc. As a primer, regulating and sealing layer in multi-layer systems with coloured aggregates, in offices, exhibition halls, shopping centres and large areas. High shine protection and sealing layer for industrial, epoxy self-levelling pavements, etc. For forming anti-slip layers with aggregate dust.


Excellent adherence to concrete, mortar and stone substrates. High mechanical, abrasion and impact strength. Good chemical strength. Completely transparent. Good self-levelling capacity. Top shine. Low viscosity. Impermeable to water. Solvent-free.


The approximate amount of BETOPOX® 896 depends largely on the system used: Dry mortar Primer layer: 0.3 kg/m2 de BETOPOX® 896 +0.5 kg/m2 of 0.7-1.3 mm aggregate dust. Mortar: BETOPOX 896: 0.25 kg/m2 and mm thick. Aggregate 0.7-1.3 mm: 1.75 kg/m2 and mm thick. Finish: BETOPOX 896: 0.35 kg/m2 Multi-layer: Regulating layer: BETOPOX® 896: 0.6 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.1-0.3 mm: 0.3 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.4-0.9 mm: 0.3 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.4-0.9 mm dusting: 3.8 kg/m2 Bottom layer: BETOPOX® 896: 0.6 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.1-0.3 mm: 0.3 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.4-0.9 mm: 0.3 kg/m2 Finishing layer : BETOPOX® COLOR dust: 3.8 kg/m2 Compact: Adhesion layer: BETOPOX® 896: 0.35 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.7-1.3 mm: 1 kg/m2 Bearing layer: BETOPOX® 896: 1 kg/m2 Aggregate 0.1-0.3 mm: 1 kg/m2 BETOPOX® COLOR dust: 4 kg/m2 Finishing layer: BETOPOX® 896: 0.25 kg/m2 However, the final amounts used will depend on the condition of the substrate, its porosity, levelling and the site conditions.



Pre-metered 12 kg units.


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